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Leading innovation in structural heart disease

Bkg manufacturing

Precision. Quality. Control. Our manufacturing techniques include:

Icon braided

Unique braided nitinol process

Icon detail

Human attention to detail

Icon testing

Rigorous testing

Icon quality

Quality first

New approaches to heart repair are driving our structural heart portfolio and transforming minimally invasive technologies designed for conformability and complete closure.

Intaglio 3 2x 1

Intaglio wire treatment: lower nickel (ni) leaching

Thin blue oxide layer on wire strands

  • Designed to reduce nickel leaching*
  • No change to biological profile*

*Abbott internal lab testing


Watch how Amplatzer devices are made with precision manufacturing.

Bao's story

Thanks to innovative research, manufacturing and some special help from her mother, the Amplatzer™ Septal Occluder has made a huge difference in Bao’s life, giving her the ability to be there for her family.

MAT-2002506 v1.0 | Item approved for OUS use only.